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The Bible tells us that the tithe belongs to God, and is to be immediately set side for Him; Leviticus 27:30, and is to be brought to the storehouse; Malachi 3:10. Today, that storehouse is the local church, and God wants our tithes and offerings to go to the local church for the same reason He wanted them to go to the temple's storehouse, "that there may be food in my house." The church's job is to meet the needs of people. Together we can make a difference in our community and the world, one life at a time. Your giving assist Body of Christ Cathedral in spreading the gospel worldwide. Along with meeting the needs of families and individuals that are less fortunate, senior citizens, and the sick in the communities with a well balance spiritual meal.

Thank you, for your generous giving. If you have questions about giving,

please contact us at (803) 235-0254 

You may give online by clicking on the button below.


Mail A Check/Money Order to

 P.O BOX 37551 Rock Hill, SC 29732

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