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Thankful for What?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Be thankful for the breath of life, for our clothes, for our water, and for our food; Be Thankful for our health for its partaking, and Heaven's gifts so pure and good. Be Thankful for a home, it's comforts and for a place of shelter from the storm. Be Thankful for the fellowship of kindred, for a haven where the love is warm. Beyond these comforts and their blessings, should we not be thankful most of all for redeeming love and grace bounding through Christ, who saved us from the Fall? Thankful we should be, for sins forgiven, For the Blood of Christ, its power to save; For its precious worth to lift the sinner from the depths of sin, of death, and the grave. Thankful for a seat within the Heavens with Christ in God-oh, a place so secure! In His love and heart and hands forever-precious place of dwelling, and so pure. Then for blessings numberless, unnoticed by our finite minds. But our finite minds, so small and marveled, because all glory, honor, adoration, Be to Him we love, God our creator.

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